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It's such an OPEN annual meeting for companies selling chemicals around the world

Issuing time:2018-04-03 11:21

I. summary

After a year of hard work, February 10, 2018 ushered in our annual conference. In the welcome area on the fourth floor, a wall of signatures stands quietly to welcome the arrival of employees who have worked hard all year. After signing up as a souvenir, everyone with a festive red scarf, full of positive energy, small write here can not help but recall the annual meeting site again. Well, next year, I will hand out the scarf to you personally, so that the small sense of the picture will be stronger.



The opening we played 3 minutes of video, video is the aspirations of every salesman, hard work, dream, hard work, endeavor, overnight, grow together with customers... , as if to return to every day and night together.

As a sales company, we don't look at other, talk with data, performance is the best proof. In this year, the sales volume exceeded 90,000 tons and the sales revenue exceeded 380 million. Every employee contributed to this figure, from the little brother in domestic trade to the little sister in foreign trade.


Ii. Award presentation

---- -award time, gather strength

Best service award: logistics team, the soldiers to front line sales provide food supply, let every salesman have no trouble back at home, they don't have the grandiloquence, use action to tell us what is the ownership, work hard, regardless of the gain and loss, they use the love and enthusiasm to the work, all outstanding completed logistics guarantee tasks.


Outstanding newcomer award:

They have made a great contribution to the sales performance of the jin hao family within less than one year after they joined the family. They use more efforts to quickly learn the company's product knowledge, high emotional intelligence to adapt to the company's team culture, grow in the team, become the company's dazzling stars.


Leap prize:

On the way to complete the sales task, they start the acceleration mode and exceed the company's task number. They are the backbone of the company's sales team, the backbone of the company's development, and the cornerstone of the company's development and growth. They start the qualitative leap of jinhao chemical sales data with excellent figures, and they are the model of the company on the way forward.


Champion prize:

They are the highest achievers in the company and the pride of the whole company. They are the pacesetters of the company's sales performance, the stars of the sales team, the leaders of the sales team, and the role models for all sales staff.


Team award:

The team leader on behalf of the stage to accept the award, and Shared their team's growth and customer drip.


Iii. Employment

Wild geese fly by the head of the geese, the company's leadership is the key. In 2018, the company's leadership remained stable and new middle-level cadres were hired. In the New Year, I will give full play to my talents and advantages on the platform of jinhao. Small series is also optimistic about you.


Diao zaisong, chairman of the company, finally Shared on the stage. He said, "dare to think, dare to do, believe in the power of dream, 800 million sales is not a wild imagination, but based on the strength analysis of the whole industry and team, the goal, execution, efforts, the dream will become a reality."

Four, party piece

------ -- belongs to the stage of jin hao people

We use the halftime tea break has changed into the most dazzling costumes, the next is their stage, together with hi, dance, sing together, put a wave of group photo up.


The 2018 annual meeting of jinghong chemical industry co., LTD was officially kicked off with two presenters who were both beautiful and intelligent. This year, the company's new many, also showed their wonderful talent, accompanied by the new matai summer waves, six girls shine on stage, for everyone presented the "curry curry", quickly went directly to the hot tropical. Bring the annual meeting to its breaking point.


In this annual meeting, not only members of jin hao's big family, but also the family members of the employees. "love song on the radio" brought by the family members of jin hao king's branch


Ruichi chemical (jinhao foreign trade team) and jinhao dongcheng branch brought allegro "jinhao harmonious big development", each is a joke, allegro put everyone in the daily in 2017, creative.


Ruichi chemical industry (jinhao foreign trade team) and jinhao dongcheng branch dedication of the dance "happy dance bar", barefoot, just like xinjiang girls. Small make up now think of all feel beautiful.


Jin hao dongcheng branch full of art fan, brought prose reading "the brave fearless broad sky", told the story between the customer, listen to everyone slowly moved.


Ruichi chemical (jin hao foreign trade team) and jin hao dongcheng branch brought the song "a summer a fall" to everyone, the singer is a new colleague who joined the company team, they are good friends in college, the friendship has been extended to work, this is the true friendship forever.


Jin hao king branch of young handsome men and women, brought the dance "old driver take me", almost all web celebrity music and dance are strung together, SO complex action, small make up is very admire.


FIVE. Lucky draw

Four piece set, health pot, microwave oven

The first, second and third prizes are all practical daily necessities. The babies in the team are watching their names rolling on the big screen and sending out domainous barrage. Some colleagues are said to have spent money to bully the screen, confirmed their eyes and met the right person...

Surprise not surprise, sting not exciting.


Sixth, the cantata

Finally all on stage, under the leadership of the big BOSS, a chorus of "tomorrow will be better", this is the heart of the New Year's desire. In the New Year, we will march through 2017 together and meet the more challenging year of 2018. Let us believe in the power of dreams together.


SEVEN. Group photo of the company

Time always flies, the happy annual meeting will be over soon, but the left photos will be beautiful.


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